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Beauty & Health Corporation

Beauty & Health Corporation is located in Miami, Florida and is a distributor and owner of the best brands of dietary supplements. Not only does our company produce natural products, but we distribute as well. 

We have a vast variety, which is all produced in our facility. Our leading line, Liz Alexandra Linaza Plus®, is one of the top-selling specialized flaxseed products in the market with a distinct line of combinations and taste. 

The Liz Alexandra Linaza Plus® line is proven to satisfy consumers with its powerful antioxidant capabilities and helping with weight loss management. Our formula which contains flaxseed has been submitted through rigorous laboratory tests and has demonstrated to contain a high quantity of Omega 3,6,9 and fatty acids which are required on a daily diet.

Furthermore, our product has confirmed to help lower LDL and increase HDL cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels and lower high blood pressure.

No other line in the market can compare and compete with our flaxseed because we use top quality Golden & Brown flaxseed which is grown and cultivated in the chilly temperature of Canada North Dakota. 

Our company is focused to produce top quality formulas and only use 100% natural ingredients.


Beauty & Health Corporation is a family based company with family based values. The president and CEO of Beauty & Health Corporation began distributing flaxseed in 2006. After learning about the importance of flaxseed and its ability to improve health, the fascination of owning and producing a better quality formula of flaxseed became the passion for the CEO of Beauty & Health Corporation. 

In 2008, Beauty & Health Corporation was on a rise and has been growing since. It is of great pleasure and satisfaction for us to introduce and inform consumers of a better way of life!
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